Santa Barbara, California





At Low Pigeon, we pride ourselves on offering amazingly-specialized wholesale coffee programs. Whether its your front-line rock-solid espresso blend, or unique micro lot single origins, we can tailor a specialty coffee program uniquely designed for you and your business.  

We are a team of long-time local business professionals, and we get the challenges of thriving in the Santa Barbara market. A distinct benefit to working with LowPigeon Coffee Roasters is our dedication to service: our passionate team is deeply invested in supporting your operation. Whether it is simply providing efficient, on-time coffee supply for your existing setup, or consulting on full cafe installs and equipment set-up, we have you covered every step of the way.

We work closely with a wide range of quality machinery manufacturers to bring you the best equipment selection at competitive prices. Our team will provide individualized consultation to understand your needs and find the perfect machines to fit your design and performance requirements.

Tailor-made support packages are available, including:
Access to rare and unique origins
Flexible roasting schedules for the freshest coffee experience
Ongoing onsite and offsite training
Consulting services
Brand use and collaborations
Social media partnerships
Invitations to events and coffee cuppings.

So partner with Low Pigeon, where you can be confident in offering your customers a cutting-edge specialty coffee experience without having to become a full-blown coffee geek. Leave that one to us.

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